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[Royal Video] Lion Of Judah Coronation: Haile Selassie I, King of Kings of Ethiopia 1930
[Royal Video] Revelation 5, Lion Of Judah: Haile Selassie I Coronation, King of Kings of Ethiopia [VIDEO] & Archives | Art & Facts Files | Sealed Amharic ARC & Rastafari Movement Docs ...

Marcus Garvey Look For Me In The Whirlwind

Marcus GarveyBlack Moses Revolutionary Mosiah Marcus 4 REAL!!!

Blood of a slave, Heart of a King. 4REAL!!!Million Man March of Oct. 16, 1995

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Midnite--Same I Ah One ft Pressure
From the latest album 'Beauty For Ashes' by the St Croix roots rockers!

Love the Black woman she is one thing and only one thing a True Queen.

 Are you still a Slave?

Bob Marley  & The Wailers - Africa Unite 
Survival 4REAL!!!

Gracious Mama África - Dezarie
Bless up Mama 4REAL!!!

Midnite - Lamb that Lion for all

Slavery Holocaust to Freedom in Shashamane
Holocaust To Freedom

Obama visits slave trade castle
President Obama and his family visiting the historic Cape Coast Castle in Ghana on July 11 2009. The seaside fortress was converted for use in the slave trade by the British in the 17th Century. ...Racist?HIP HOP 4 BLACK UNITY  4REAL!!!
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Marcus Gravey - The History of The U N I A FULL)
Come check out more at

Damian Marley e NAS 
Tribes at War 4REAL!!!

CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS FOR BUJU:   Mark Anthony Myrie # 86700-004 CI LIMESTONE COUNTY CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION 910 TYUS ROAD GROESBECK, TX 76642   There are SPECIFIC instructions regarding how to write to Buju so the letters will NOT get rejected. No decorated or scented paper (just plain white typing or writing paper which is lined.) The prison also ask that paper of a *SPECIFIC SIZE be used* Plse Note this as well. It is also recommended that in order to increase the chances of Buju responding to you that you include A SELF ADDRESSED and STAMPED envelope with your letter. Buju does NOT have significant funds at his disposal in prison so imagine the enormous cost and impossible logistics of getting some one to buy envelopes and stamps for him to respond to the thousands of fans who will write him.   There is a detailed document on the prison website (in Texas) that has rules about how to send printed material to Buju etc. (They have to be shipped to him DIRECTLY from the publisher, fans cannot order it and have it shipped to them and then mail it to Buju, Those books will NOT be given to him)  The Link to the detailed document is here:  TITLED: General Information Guide for the Families of Offenders. Keep scrolling down, the document is 28 pages long. It can also be downloaded and saved as a PDF document.   Also, this guide notes that Buju is limited to a SPECIFIC amount of visitors for the duration of his imprisonment and those persons have to be placed on an APPROVED list by BUJU himself so ad hoc vistis from fans will NOT be possible. It appears therefore that letters WRITTEN according to prison regulations and PRAYERS are the only way for the majority of people to reach Buju until his sentence ends. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS RE WRITING TO BUJU CAREFULLY AND CLOSELY FOLLOW TH EINSTRUCTIONS IF YOU WANT THE LETTERS TO REACH TO HIM and for him to have a chance of responding. Of course, he may NOT be able to respond to everyone as his time and energy will NOT allow that, but keep writing to him, I am sure letters from his fans will be welcomed by him.FREE MUTULU SHAKUR 4REAL!!!

Mark Anthony Myrie a.k.a BUJU BANTON INSPIRING POEM ON DEF JAM POETRY _ HOW LONG (Swalz)*How long most of the pple be Human Sacarifice?Stand Up Defend your RightsUp Up mighty rise u gonna accompli...

Turbulence "Neva Knew" Hopeful Riddim
itunes link : studio session 2007 Hopeful Riddim produced by Shali & Kilo for Brighta Days Music. Riddim...

The True History of Slavery

Racism & The Global Genocide Of Black People BBC Documentary
An important documentary that explores the historical genocides of the White/Christian race/religion. The facts of this video are compiled and documented history written and recorded by European Chris...

The True History of Slavery

The official video for That Girl by Jah Cure. This video was directed by Winston 'Tyson' Mayhew and Post by I.D Studios produced by Iyah Cure Music Limited...Connect with JAH

N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave And The Master)
Roots and culture

Marcus Garvey Look For Me In The Whirlwind 
Black Moses 4REAL!!!

Khallid Muhammad vs. Wannabe Arab
This is a masterpiece created by the MadBlackMan

Going Dutch - The Netherlands' slave trade
FOR NEW VERSION GO TO: expository documentary about the role of The Netherlands in the trans-Atlantic slave trade

Bob Marley Denouncing Material Things (Riches)
Bob sidelines the money. 4REAL!!!